information on web portal interactivity





During the 2011-2012  school year all district staff began to use the electronic gradebook feature of a new Bloomfield School District interactive website. This included sending grade and student progress reports to a parent portal. All teachers will continue to provide reports to parents via this parent portal during the 2013-2014 school year.These reports are digital and are sent to active parent Edline accounts. All Bloomfield School District parents are encouraged to get their Edline access codes to create their own Parent Portal account. This will facilitate access to the reports being sent.




The distribution of codes to parents to enable access to this Parent Portal began during the 2011-2012 school year. This will continue as school begins in September 2012. BHS sent a mailing home to all parents with unactivated access codes. Parents of this year's freshmen class will receive a new activation code for BHS, even if they were using the middle school portal.  The elementary schools will continue to distribute the codes to all parents beginning at BTSN 2012.  



Parents and guardians may keep the same user account created for the entire time their students are in Bloomfield schools. They will only receive a new access code to add to this account when they move to another school building. This will occur at grade 7 entry to BMS; grade 9 entry to BHS or at the time of any other move within district from one elementary school to another.



Information about the Parent Portal can be found under the parent tab or by clicking here. Parents who still need to obtain their codes to access their accounts, can contact their child's school main office.This code can also be obtained via email by clicking here and submitting the form.



The Bloomfield Schools Technology Services and Support Department has been providing information and training needed for successful use of these Parent Portal accounts. Joanne Decker, Director of Technology will continue presenting workshops on the use of the portal during the year. Schools will be holding open computer lab hours during H&S meeting dates to assist parents with the technology.





The Bloomfield School District has a commitment to improve student achievement and enhance instruction through the effective use of 21st century technology in our classrooms. The 2013-2014 school year will continue to bring many innovative technologies that focus on collaboration and communication to the district.